SHAKESPEARE'S SONGMAN The original music from Shakespeare’s plays, both songs dances and incidental music, combined with readings about music from both the plays and the sonnets. From Shakespeare’s own time Morley, Johnson & Wilson are represented and the programme also includes music from revivals, by Purcell and Humphrey. The programme also includes newly devised matchings of Shakespeare’s lyrics with existing ballad tunes.


THE ENGLISHMAN ABROAD A grand tour of Europe in words & music. Featuring music by several English composers who lived and worked abroad, notably John Dowland & Peter Philips, and songs & instrumental pieces by Monteverdi & Rosenmuller, French Airs de Cour, and songs of war and exploration. Readings from Hakluyt, Coryat, Raleigh & Nashe prove that xenophobia is nothing new.

A celebration of Christmas in words & music,. exploring the wealth of English poetry and song from the early middle ages to the 17th century and traditional carols from the length & breadth of the kingdom.

Songs and lute solos by John Dowland, the greatest of the lutenist song-writers, together with music and comments by his contemporaries and readings by Shakespeare & Spenser










Ophelia, William Waterhouse






  England's Helicon